Who we help

CP+R is for everyone, whether you need rehabilitation, to prevent the onset of ill health or if you are not clinically ill but want to take better are of your health.

We are cardiac specialists, which makes us particularly well placed to provide expert clinical care for people who need cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac prevention or if you have cancer.

Whether you have a specific clinical need or simply want to achieve health excellence, our mission is to help you live longer, better.

What we do

We provide private, bespoke, clinical exercise and lifestyle programmes, conducted either virtually or at our Harley Street clinic

We begin your journey with a comprehensive health assessment covering the four vital health areas: heart, functional, metabolic and mental health. From there we seek to understand your personal life goals and our expert team of Cardiac Coaches, clinical nurses and scientists will design your unique and holistic plan.

You'll be paired with your own Cardiac Coach who will manage your journey, while motivating and inspiring you to succeed. You'll benefit from 1:1 coaching, fully monitored exercise sessions and on-going heart-rate tracking. We also work hand-in-hand with your cardiologist, oncologist or GP, as appropriate. 

We will fully reassess you every 12 weeks to review your progress and to ensure we're delivering the outcomes you set out to achieve.

We support you through all and any stages of your health, from prevention to rehabilitation and on to health excellence.

Why choose us

We are trusted by world-leading medical consultants and organisations. They have referred their patients to us over many years and continue to do so.

We are absolutely focussed on your personal care. Our entire team is invested in your success and we measure ourselves on the outcomes you achieve. 

We use our unique 4-Pillar approach, which is underpinned with a clinical and scientific focus to ensure you only receive the best possible care.

Our team culture is inspirational, authentic and infectious. Once you join CP+R, you will be part of our family and we will do everything in our power to ensure you love every moment with us.

How long the process lasts 

Our aim is to help you for as long as possible and there is no limit to the time you can work with us or the successes you can achieve.

We will complete a full health assessment with you every 12 weeks and review your outcomes so far. You can then continue your journey to success with adaptations as necessary.

We believe that your health and environment will always change throughout your life, therefore we will adjust your training and support you accordingly.

Our nutritional guidance

We don’t believe in quick fixes or diets. You won't undergo any fad nutrition processes or unchartered methods with us. All our guidance is based on proven science and we seek sustainable, incremental changes that are lasting. We work with nutrition experts and each nutrition plan will be tailored to you and your needs. You cannot exercise your way out of bad nutrition, so this is extremely important to us.

Our Cardiac Coaches

On joining CP+R, you'll be paired with your personal Cardiac Coach. A Cardiac Coach is a top sports scientist with a passion for helping people, further equipped with in-depth CP+R training. All our coaches are meticulous, knowledgeable, inspirational and love science. They are also engaging, friendly and take great pleasure in helping others.

We offer a team-to-one approach. So as well as your Cardiac Coach, you will also be looked after by our team of nurses, a customer service manager, a registered physio, nutritionist and many more people.

How often you'll attend CP+R

Our clients commit to seeing us for exercise sessions at least twice a week but our most successful clients see us three or four times a week. You can take sessions virtually or in-person our Harley Street clinic.

We also prescribe you activities to do outside your sessions to ensure you are empowered to be improving your health at all times. Our model is based on balancing the responsibilities of everyday life with prioritisation of your health and life goals. Many people at CP+R initially perceive they don’t have enough time to invest in doing a process like ours but once they start, it is the first thing that goes into their diaries at the start of each week. First you make your habits, then your habits make you. It is our job to make it fun and to inspire you.

You don't need a doctor's referral

Although we do receive many consulant referrals, you don’t need your doctor to recommend you to CP+R. We work with anyone who aspires to improve the quality and duration of their life and you may be interested to know that our existing clients are our best referrers.

Whether or not you are referred by your consultant or GP, we are happy to liaise directly with them, as appropriate, to keep them informed of your health and progress.

How to get started

Please send a brief email with your name and best contact details to referrals@cpandr.co.uk and we will respond to you the same day.